Stella McCartney creates Stella shared 3.0, a capsule collection of conscious unisex garments. Inspired by McCartney A to Z Manifesto’s ‘Y is for Youth’, the British fashion house offers its platform to three creative minds: Ed Curtis in London, Maisie Broome (Myfawnwy) in New York City and Tom Tosseyn in Antwerp, artists of the new generation who have interpreted our values ​​through their vision. Stella Shared 3.0 is made with sustainable materials, including organic cotton jersey and denim, recycled nylon, regenerated cashmere and responsible and traceable wool from regenerative farms. Ed Curtis, artist and slow fashion designer from south London, has transposed his organic and optical prints on reversible down jackets in sustainable nylon to be combined with voluminous trousers. Myfawnwy, a New York-based artist and designer from Queens, known for her hand-marbled faces and prints, suns and painted flowers, takes shape on sustainable silk suits, short-sleeved shirts, voluminous joggers, boxers and crewneck sweaters. The graphic artist from Antwerp, Tom Tosseyn, shared the environmental and sustainable values, reinterpreting the Stella logo with his futuristic style, adding the slogan “Restoring the balance”. The capsule also includes vintage-inspired knit accessories, including bucket hats, balaclavas and gloves.