Sneakers are fashionable and evergreen. White, colored and nude sneakers are perfect to complete any outfit for next autumn / winter 2021-2022. Let’s start with white sneakers, who do not know trends and seasons, represent a certainty and can be used both in place of too uncomfortable sandals. In the coming autumn the classics with more or less marked outlines and strings tied with a double knot will be renewed. The palette of the colored sneakers ranges from delicate shades of pastel pink to sunburnt tones such as harvested hay, rust of leaves, burgundy wine, up to the undergrowth variations with all shades of green and brown. These models have a vintage aesthetic that goes from raised soles to high ankle sneakers to protect the foot from the first rains. There is no shortage of alternatives to smooth leather such as velvety suede. Finally, there are the nude sneakers that aim to catalyze attention by renouncing the discretion typical of minimal sneakers, with the “gentle” silhouette that gives a fascinating feminine allure.