Snapchat launches Spotlight, a new section of the official app which, like Tik Tok, will contain a curated feed of the funniest videos up to 60 seconds long. The videos will also allow creators (minimum age: 16 years) to earn: to incentivize the use of Spotlight, in fact, the Snapchat team has allocated 1 million dollars which will be distributed among the creators of the most popular content. Snap said it has developed the “Highlights” section to entertain users of the Snapchat community while respecting the values ​​of the platform, giving top priority to users’ well-being. For this reason, public comments are not allowed. In July, Facebook launched the gauntlet to TikTok with Instagram Reels to allow users to make short, editable 15-second videos accompanied by soundtracks. The Instagram monopoly began to creak last spring as more and more luxury brands began investing in Tik Tok.

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