The crisis linked to Covid-19 has caused a sharp slowdown in production in the entire clothing-fashion textile chain. “Many companies in the fashion sector – according to Sistema Moda Italia, president Marino Vago – have already opted for a partial or temporary closure of production. In other cases, it was decided to slow down production considerably and give priority to orders already in progress. Another crucial issue could be related to supplies. The Italian fashion textile-clothing supply chain is very long and diversified, and it is impossible to know what the critical issues may be. The questioning of the summer season is evident, while it is hoped to be operational again for the winter season to be in order. Heavy consequences will also come shortly from the crisis in the tourism sector, to which the textile and clothing sector is also closely connected as a supply chain “. Sistema Moda Italia hopes for “concrete support to the sector, beyond the transversal measures already in the activation phase”.

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