Francesco Renga, after the Sanremo Festival in 2019, announces new solo album and tour

With his unmistakable voice and overwhelming energy, Francesco Renga is ready to share with his audience a year full of news and lots of music starting from the stage of the Ariston Theater, competing at the 69th Sanremo Festival with the song “Aspetto che lorni”.

“Waiting for you to come back” is a song that is intense and full of great emotions. It tells of a new love, of a new perspective of life, of presences and of shortcomings. It is an intense snapshot of today’s Francis.

On the evening of Friday 8 February, Francesco Renga will reinterpret “Aspetto che lorni” with Bungaro, co-author of the piece together with Francesco Renga, C. Chiodo and Rakele, and the performance will be embellished by a choreography performed by the étoile Eleonora Abbagnato together with étoile Friedemann Vogel.

The Maestro Roberto Rossi will be conducting the orchestra of the Sanremo Festival 2019: a moment of great importance and visibility for the artist, who has already announced who to rely on for his look: the designer from Brescia Maurizio Miri and, for the jewels , the exclusive creations of the designer Emanuele Bicocchi

But who is the creative that Renga has entrusted to embellish her look in view of such an important appointment?

Emanuele Bicocchi was born in Florence and began very young to express his creative talent, cultivating his passion for jewelry over the years.

His early drawings express an informal elegance, values, emotions and moods. At the age of 18 he collaborates with the biggest international names in fashion and creates some collections of jewels.

Today, the brand is distributed in the most renowned stores, in Italy and abroad. Emanuele‘s professional career continues with new collections with a glam rock spirit: perfect, therefore, for Francesco Renga.