The Japanese photographer has started a series of interpretations of the French fashion house


Anthony Vaccarello continues to bring the Maison Yves Saint Laurent to new levels of experimentation and contamination.

Not only the regular advertising campaigns, the beautiful Zoe Kravitz as testimonial, the advertising campaign with Trevis Scott shot by David Sims, but also a forthcoming ambitious project of collaboration with 60 photographers.

An important work that promises to reveal new and unpublished faces of the Yves Saint Laurent maison.

The intention is in fact to capture different aspects of Yves Saint Laurent‘s personality, charm and mystery, through the eyes of some artists personally selected by Anthony Vaccarello, giving them carte blanche on the interpretation of what the brand evokes.

The freedom to express oneself without inhibitions or censures translates into the first chapter of the SELF project.

A traveling exhibition with a first date in Paris at the Palais Royal, during the Paris Photo fair.

The first was the Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama, considered one of the greatest exponents of street photography in his country.

His ability to capture the beauty in street life is also found in the shots for SELF, which translated into the world Yves Saint Laurent become bewitching night views, a couple immortalized in black and white, including lilies and neon lights.