Last August, Bernard Giudicelli, president of the French Tennis Federation, announced that the black suit worn by Serena Williams on the Roland Garros field would no longer be accepted. A sexist decision that aroused different controversy.

A year later, Virgil Abloh, artistic director of OFF-White, imagined a suit in homage to the champion and her outstanding career.
In collaboration with Nike , the designer reveals a cloak with writings that tell who is Serena. You can then read the words: “mother, champion, Queen and Goddess “, all written in French. A skirt with the same messages completes her outfit. “I love when fashion becomes a way to share a powerful message, and with Nike and Virgil we’ve created pieces that inspire a new generation of athletes around the world,” said Serena Williams.
In addition to the mantle, Virgil Abloh and Nike have also created a T-shirt and a limited edition cap.

After having already responded to the controversy of Roland-Garros wearing a tutu to the Us Open in 2018, with this outfit Serena Williams intends to silence all those who have something to say on her dress. After all, aren’t you in the field to play tennis and express your talents?