The latest issue of Vanity Fair, n.17, dedicates an extensive interview to the “king of hard” Rocco Siffredi who published a few days ago his “Sex lessons”, a 120-page volume with sex lessons to explain to boys the difference between porn and reality and to adults how to find out 90% of the sex they still don’t practice. Here are some excerpts from the Vanity Fair Italia interview with Siffredi with advices from Rocco.

“Most of the boys and girls have no informations about sex either at home or at school, but they all watch porn on the web: Years ago I appealed to the Ministry of Education to make sex education compulsory in Italian schools, as happens in all over the world, but the reaction was tepid. Students want me, principals and rectors prevent the meeting (…)

I don’t claim to be a sexologist, the one who understood everything, my approach is the advice of the older brother. I know the world of porn so well that I can find the differences with real life, also because I am married and father of two children, I see the theme from different points of view (…)

The sexual experience is made up of the relationship with the person with whom you do it, it is an exchange of feelings, fun, communication. You don’t have to have performance anxiety. Pornography serves adults to motivate them, excite them, it is not a manual (. …)

You have to use condoms to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, because there are a thousand checks on the sets, but not in real life. You have to be careful about consent, because if the other says “no”, it is “no”: in porn, on the other hand, everyone seems willing to do everything. I reassure men about their erections: by now everyone in the movies uses chemistry, they are not authentic performances (. …)

It makes sense to “redo” sex education for older children because there are couples who have been making love for twenty years in the same position, and women who have never had an orgasm. The truth is that we don’t talk to each other, we are ashamed. We don’t even get to 10% of what sex can give (. …)

At around 11 or 12 you can start talking about sex with boys. In Italy, in the few schools where there are projects, they talk about them at 15 or 16, when it is too late”.