Blumarine celebrates women and their light in the collection designed by Nicola Brognano and Vogue Italia dedicates the cover of the June issue to Rihanna wearing one of these dresses. Through a light style full of playfulness, Brognano is inspired by the fashion of the early 2000s, where frivolity represented a way of living life with lightness and joy but also with femininity, sensuality and optimism, and creates a sexy FW21 collection. , provocative and frivolous inspired by the casual pop glamor of stars like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. The fashion of 2000 is therefore reinterpreted with today’s filters, in a strong, glam and pop way. The dresses are draped and in pastel color. A new iconography is introduced into the collection: the butterfly, a delicate symbol of lightness, transformation and mysterious beauty that alludes to the carefree spirit of youth to the awareness of female power.