The Luxottica Group once again relies on the photographer Steven Klein for the second of a series of advertising campaigns dedicated to Ray-Ban

Composed of four shots and as many eccentric characters who embody a different Ray-Ban icon, the campaign celebrates the liberating force of on-the-road travel, interpreted as a metaphorical escape from the constraints of modern society.

The narration continues on the thread inaugurated by Steven Klein in the 2017 campaign, which saw the protagonists free themselves from the past to regain personal freedom.

The new images pay tribute to the foresight of all those people who choose to pursue their dreams and embark on an endless adventure to get in touch with their true self.

The spirit of the countryside is immediate, irrepressible and authentic, just like the change triggered by the free expression of oneself.

“The central theme is freedom, the ability to let go,” explains Klein. “In the chaotic age in which we live, many identify this concept with the journey. The campaign wants to show that, regardless of the difficulties that life confronts us, we can defend our identity, continue our journey and immerse ourselves in fun, optimism, creativity, love … who does not aspire to achieve freedom ? ”

All the protagonists of the images wear a Ray-Ban icon that reflects their personality: The Marshal, Wayfarer Blaze, Aviator Evolve and Hexagonal.

In addition to the shots, the campaign also includes a video, four clips (one for each subject) and various digital content that narrate and deepen the personal odyssey of each character.

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