‘Very Ralph’ is the biopic of the 80-year old designer that has now looked back on his half-century career in the fashion and apparel industry. “There is a cinematic aspect to the work of Ralph Lauren, reflecting his sources of inspiration and the influence of classic and contemporary films. His work is very similar to that of a film director,” said Guillaume Jouhet, general manager of French TV broadcaster OCS, which released the ‘Very Ralph’ documentary in France on November. ‘Very Ralph’ spans 50 years in the US designer’s career and life, capturing nostalgic moments with intimate pictures from family photo albums and Super 8 films, and moving on to interviews with fashion journalists and designers, top models and other industry personalities. The ideal way of discovering some of the multiple facets of a designer who is a cornerstone in the world of fashion. Ralph Lauren was born in New York’s Bronx district. From Ralph’s early childhood, his family was quick to spot that he was clearly endowed with remarkable sensibility and sense of style. Lauren’s ability to sublimate and offer a fresh new take on the iconic men’s clothes worn in 1940s and 1950s films encouraged him to launch his own label when he was very young. In just a few years, the precocious young designer upgraded from making ties to creating an entire menswear wardrobe, drawing inspiration from James Dean’s rebel spirit as well as from the elegance of Humphrey Bogart and the ruggedness of Steve McQueen. Along the way, the only thing he shed was his original family name, swapping it for a more commercial one with fewer Jewish connotations, advised by his older brother. Thus, Ralph Lifshitz became Ralph Lauren, much before he was even aware that his name would one day designate a fashion empire.