The rainbow Converse is a must have for every Pride, comfortable and never out of fashion, and this year, as every year, the famous brand started its advertising campaign with a rainbow target.

The novelty of this year is the flag-themed shoes of the trans pride. In addition to the classic rainbow stripes, in fact, it will be possible to buy shoes with colors that recall the famous pink, white and light blue flag.

It is not the first time that a shoe company has so openly proposed itself to the LGBTQI + community, already in 2017 Gucci had presented a collection of shoes with the rainbow flag, while for several years the Spanish company Pride Shoes, has created dedicated lines to every single member of the immense rainbow family.

All limited edition pieces, ça va sans dire, and with prices starting from 80 euros. A small investment to feel even more part of the parade to which it was decided to participate.