Victoria Beckham fires 60 employees and hires her son: The web arises “It’s nepotism”


According to an article in the Daily Mail it seems that the designer has chosen the son, the first-born Brooklyn, born of marriage with the footballer David Beckham, as a photographer for the upcoming campaigns of the brand that bears his name.

This choice comes at a time when the company has suffered a reduction in staff, it seems that Vicky has fired 60 employees to cut costs and settle the accounts.

After the news broke out that saw Brooklyn as the new photographer of the Victoria Beckham brand, the web has arisen, the comments are wasted and many say: “And nepotism”.

The 19-year-old David and Victoria Beckham’s first-born son has shown a passion for photography and a fair amount of talent for quite some time.

On the Instagram profile of the famous son of the footballer and the stylist, there are several works and shots in black and white that show Brooklyn’s passion for photography.

Now comes the choice of mother Victoria who, according to the source of the Daily Mail, believes a lot in the talent of her son and that even in the past has asked advice to little Brooklyn for some stylistic choices in the photographic campaigns and beyond.

All this happens at a time when “Victoria Beckham Ltd” does not seem to be in good waters.

In 2017, the company’s accounts were in red with losses of £ 7.5 million.

The designer was forced to ask the help of some investors of the “Neo Investment Partners” who poured into the houses of the fashion company 3 million pounds, however, demanding some cuts especially concerning the workforce.