Unveiling quiet elegance: Exploring the concept of quiet luxury in contemporary fashion

The pleasure of serenity

In the hectic world of fashion, where opulence and exuberance often dominate the scene, a fascinating and refined concept emerges: quiet luxury. This philosophy represents a new approach to elegance and luxury, focusing on refinement without ostentation and whispered harmony. In this article, we will explore the concept of quiet luxury in the fashion world, its core values and its impact in the industry. Quiet luxury can be defined as a subtle and sophisticated approach to fashion that emphasises quality and elegance without undue emphasis. It is a discreet luxury that manifests itself through refined details, high-quality materials and timeless design. Unlike the ostentatious display of traditional luxury brands, Quiet Luxury embraces subtlety and invites contemplation, offering elegance without excess.

The values of Quiet Luxury

Quality and craftsmanship: In Quiet Luxury, quality is an indispensable element. Great importance is attached to craftsmanship and fine materials, which lend a touch of refinement to the creations. Impeccable finishes and attention to detail are key values of quiet luxury. Minimalism and simplicity: quiet luxury is distinguished by its minimalist, no-frills aesthetic. The clean lines, precise cuts and essential shapes lend a sense of effortless elegance. Beauty in its purest form is emphasised, with no need for ostentation. Time and longevity: Quiet luxury emphasises the idea of durability. The creations are designed to resist ephemeral trends, trying to overcome the concept of ‘disposable’. The aim is to create garments that can be loved and worn for a long time, evoking a feeling of continuity and lasting value. Experience and intimacy: In quiet luxury, the customer experience is crucial. The aim is to create a personal and intimate bond between the consumer and the brand, offering an attentive and personalised service. The overall shopping experience is enhanced, creating a relaxed and refined environment. Quiet luxury has a significant impact in the fashion industry, redefining consumer expectations and bringing about a cultural shift. Many luxury brands are adapting to this philosophy, embracing sustainability, minimalism and quality craftsmanship.

Style and brands to watch out for

Although there is no magic formula for creating elegant, luxurious and understated looks, there are certain items that can never be missing from such a wardrobe. It is important to keep in mind that quality fabrics and a predominantly neutral palette are essential. Among the big must-haves are the sculpted blazer with a precisely cut silhouette, loose trousers with a relaxed fit and precious yet discreet jewellery. The shirt, which can also be styled as a chemisier, is a must-have item. Followed by a series of useful garments to create layered looks, such as cardigans, turtlenecks and waistcoats. For outerwear, there is a preference for the great classics with a loose fit but never oversized. Then, there are the ’90s-inspired lounguette trousers, ballet flats or smooth leather boots, monochrome tote bags and a wide selection of basic t-shirts and tank tops to suit any occasion. Celebrities who have embraced this trend and unknowingly embodied it for years are a source of inspiration for creating quiet luxury looks for everyday wear. Gwyneth Paltrow recently demonstrated her refined taste in court, sporting a series of ensembles that were as basic as they were glamorous. Victoria Beckham, with her own brand and outfits, reigns supreme in low-key style. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has made this aesthetic her strong point on Instagram, offering numerous styling options that seem affordable to all. The same goes for Kendall Jenner, who alternates between youthful and more sophisticated outfits. The origin and development of this new lifestyle was made possible by brands that laid the foundations of an understated fashion for the select few. Among these, Michele Franzese Moda has selected for you 3 great brands not to miss out on the next trends in quiet luxury to always look elegant while dressing in a balanced and calm way: Khaite NY, Victoria Beckam, MaxMara Studio.