Paco Rabanne presents Pure XS for Her. A story of fantasy and desire. An uninhibited fragrance, embodied by the electrifying Emily Ratajkowski


With his new fragrance, Paco Rabanne tells a fantasy. The origin of the obsession? A rich erotically indomitable heiress and undisputed self-control. Double-edged: distant but magnetic. Direct and disarming.

A flowery, fiercely provocative bouquet created by Quentin Bisch of Givaudan. The explosion of the formula: ylang-ylang, vanilla, popcorn, sandalwood, ambrette seeds.

A bottle of sculptural glass. Bold edges for a confident allure. Indomitable curves. Uncontrollable desire, surrounded by a serpentine embrace.

The spot is the ironic staging of a pursuit for the object of desire. The Habanera della Carmen accompanies the growing desire until the tragicomic end: the fainting of the pretenders.