The creativity of brands and designers in support of LGBTQIA + pride, here is Pride Month 2022

In memory

It’s June and it’s time to celebrate LGBTQIA + Pride Month 2022. But why June? The choice is by no means casual and is indeed politically symbolic: on the night between 27 and 28 June 1969, in fact, in one of the most famous gay bars in New York, the police broke in following the wake of an oppressive and discriminatory policy, that night. it was the spark for the first organized revolt to claim the naturalness of their still unrecognized rights. These riots of resistance and vindication are known as the Stonewall movement. This is why pride month has since been a month, full of initiatives, to reaffirm the commitment to the still long way to go in the recognition of certain rights and in the fight against discrimination. But beware, the political discourse translates into the language of art. The message of this claim is clear: freedom to be and freedom of expression and this is made possible thanks to the freedom to communicate, show, and why not, exhibit one’s creativity. This special month of Pride will be celebrated throughout Italy with numerous processions, events and other dedicated initiatives.

Fashion and Pride Month 2022

Among the sectors that have always been most committed to the defense of LGBTQIA + rights and representation is the world of high fashion with its ability to show freedom in no uncertain terms through the most expressive and representative medium there is: ‘to appear. Indeed, the month of Pride, again this year, confirms the participation and support of the most important fashion brands through collections, capsules, collaborations and donations to industry associations. All under the colors of the rainbow flag with the hope of a future without discrimination and more inclusive. All this, however, is not without controversy: the accusation by activists of falling into the rainbow washing (the danger of taking advantage of the rainbow flag for exclusively trendy reasons) is in fact not new, it must be said that many the most famous brands of the fashion system demonstrate that they consciously adhere to this initiative through very concrete actions. To name a few: Calvin Klein this year donated $ 400,000 to LGBTQIA + rights-related NGOs; Versace has inaugurated the Versace Foundation a new charity project to which Capri Holdings will donate 10 million dollars, «I am proud that Versace has always been known for its inclusiveness. I am enthusiastic about the support and assistance that the Versace Foundation will bring to the LGBTQIA + community, “said Donatella Versace; the Puma brand has pledged a donation of 20% of the proceeds of the collection, Together Forever, with a minimum of 250 thousand dollars, to GLAAD, an organization that is responsible for ensuring that the representation of LGBTQIA + people and all minorities in the media world; the Dr. Martens brand, rebel in all respects, reaffirms its support for the community against discrimination with over 200 thousand pounds of donations to various entities including in Italy Refuge LGBT. There is no shortage of collections and capsules for Pride Month 2022. Borsalino enriches the legendary hand-woven Panamas with a special rainbow-themed ribbon as well as being accompanied by a collection hatbox dedicated to Pride. Vans with Sara Lorusso proposes a capsule “Love can save us” created with the portraits made by the photographer on a t-shirt, long-sleeved shirt, on an exclusive version of the OTW Gallery Classic Slip-On. Diesel presents a Pride 2022 capsule collection with the works of some artists of the AllTogether exhibition curated by the Tom of Finland Foundation and The Community. The North Face is committed to making the outdoor world more inclusive by creating new partnerships with LGBTQIA + associations. Balenciaga promotes the Anybody is Queer campaign to increase awareness of diversity. Versace has chosen Cher as testimonial for the Chersace capsule with t-shirts and accessories decorated with the homonymous logo, a limited edition t-shirt, sold only in the USA, is really hand signed by Cher and Donatella Versace with precious and colorful glitter. And you? Are you updated on the creations of this Pride Month 2022? Discover the best brands on Michele Franzese Moda.