It’s Ralph Lauren’s movie, we’re just living in it. Plus, Christopher John Rogers and Area are young and fabulous on Day 2 of New York Fashion Week


Ralph Lauren is the king of elegance, although there’s nothing subversive about his take. Instead, he is playing the same movie on repeat.

For the past few seasons, he has put a good deal of horsepower into bringing his all-American dream to life with amped-up runway shows. There was the unforgettable 50th Anniversary celebration on Bethesda Terrace in Central Park, and the drive up to his car garage in Bedford, New York. Last season, it was Ralph’s Café: a French bistro set up in his Madison Avenue flagship.

Once again, Saturday night was something to remember. Down on Wall Street in a building built in 1928 — just a year before the stock market crashed — Lauren’s team constructed a big-band room. “Ralph’s Club” had art deco paneling and chandeliers, embroidered cotton napkins and printed matchboxes. It looked like a movie set. And there were certainly plenty of actors on hand, including Crazy Rich Asians star Henry Golding in a purple velvet tux and queen Cate Blanchett all dressed in black, to play bit parts.

Lauren, however, was the star of this scene. “You really, truly are the most amazing American designer we have,” singer Janelle Monae said near the end of her ground-shaking set.

Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2020 | Source: Courtesy


So, how did the clothes — some available to buy right now on — rate? Mostly consisting of variations on tuxedos, shiny, gowns in primary colours and slick leather pieces worn by modern-day Breck Girls and one-time Victoria’s Secret Angels, the collection was perfect costuming for an evening at Ralph’s Club. But was it anything more than that? Maybe for those still dreaming of a part in Lauren’s epic.