Eyes to the sky, smartphone in hand: it is a competition to photograph the “contemporary” nativity scene by Michele Franzese and Marco Ferrigno


The Nativity nowadays? If it’s Michele Franzese, it’s a bet that it’s trendy.

And here it is, in fact, the most photographed crib of Chiaia: it is the one made, in agreement with  Franzese, by the master Marco Ferrigno, who for the fashion company has devised a contemporary version in Neapolitan sauce of the Bethlehem cave.

A few meters from the windows of the boutiques of via Morelli then here in recent hours have appeared, as if by magic, the main characters: Joseph and Mary, of course, but also two bagpipers at least sui generis.

The master of the cribs has in fact placed on the sides two life-size “shepherds” depicting the first Pino Daniele in his typical set with beret, military green jacket and guitar around his neck and the second Totò in his most popular version of “Pazzariello” and dressed with the gold of Naples.

“A non-random choice – explains Marco Ferrigno – dictated by my desire and Michele Franzese to communicate to the world as well as the crib, which undoubtedly represents a milestone of the Neapolitan artisan tradition, not only resist time and fashions but also know to renew itself, with that constant capacity for innovation which in turn represents a typical characteristic of Neapolitanity “.