Philippe Plein is, for some, a strange person. Nicknamed the “king of bling,” the designer has managed to bring his brand to the top, offering a glittering and glittering streetwear.

In France, one of his most ardent supporters is none other than Lacrim.

A separate artist, pillar of the game, which is regularly displayed with creations labeled “PP”.

That was well worth an interview for GQ Magazine in Paris, in which Lacrim evokes its links with the famous brand.

“I get up, I have the sea view. Baby I hang up, there is Philipp Plein who calls me “

The weather is nice, there is the sun. But my heart, there is business … It’s a punchline that my audience likes a lot. When I’m in concert, I do not sing the phrase.

It is the public who sings it. At the time I remember, I made a clip called ‘Carte de la Vieillesse’, where I put the models with big sharks, there were big sharks printed.

This was not done too much in France, on any brand.

It had been a scary thing, I remember when I came to the shops, the salesmen said that all the young people came and asked for the same model that Lacrim had in his clip.

It’s a story of identification and Lacrim in his music, in his niche is credible. And I think the brand is credible too. There is credibility behind all that. “