It’s close to Valentine’s Day and many are certainly looking for the perfect gift to amaze their partner. There is no need to worry, in any case, because Michele Franzese Moda’s experts have created a fantastic gift guide that can satisfy all lovers.

Underwear, lingerie, jewelry, perfumes

Even if you are experiencing the first moments of a love story that has recently blossomed, focusing on the right gift could be the right way to give a decisive change to your relationship.

For couples planning a future together, they can choose very personal and intimate gifts, such as perfumes, underwear and lingerie. Even a beautiful jewel does not hurt to frame one of the most romantic anniversaries of the year.

And even if you have celebrated Valentine’s Day countless times, it is always sweet to discover accessories and haute couture items that your lover desires, so that you can amaze everyone every day as if it were the first time.

The extension of the Michele Franzese Moda brand to the Orgasme and SPA perfume line is an olfactory tribute for any couple, with essences from every corner of the world. Let’s see it in detail.

Orgasme Gold

Let’s start with Orgasme Gold: every essence that makes up this seductive creation comes from wonderful places, such as the red berries of Brazil, the violet of France, the vanilla of Madagascar, the rose of Turkey, the jasmine of Egypt and patchouly of Indonesia. All this is expertly blended with 3ml of 18ct gold powder.

Orgasme Scandalous:

Orgasme Scandalous, on the other hand, has this olfactory pyramid, absolutely aphrodisiac: head pink pepper, cardamom, cistus, pink pepper incense; heart pink, oriental and leather; tail ambergris, wood sandalwood, patchouly, labdanum.

Orgasme The Moon

To inspire Orgasme The Moon by Michele Franzese is a noble plant of oriental origin that during the night attracts all the energy of the full moon and then releases it, in all its splendor, in the form of a magical essence with royal scents. The result is a strong and enveloping perfume ready to accompany only the truly daring on a special journey. Distant and unexplored places make up the olfactory pyramid of the new Orgasme The Moon: head raspberry and saffron, heart Turkish pink, violet and red currant; oud base, patchouli, leather, amber sandalwood.

SPA Parfum

Perfume, a liquid emotion, is the invisible language of the body that heralds the arrival of each one and prolongs his departure. The olfactory pyramid includes: head nutmeg, carnation, cardamom and cinnamon; heart magnolia and rosewood; tail cedar wood and musk for 100ML of pure relaxing essence.