Palm Angels, GCDS and Chiara Ferragni Collection conquer the podium of the most desired new Italian fashion brands in the first quarter of the year. In the top 10 also Attico, Alanui and the jewelery sign Emanuele Bicocchi.

The rankings were drawn up by Lyst and Launchmetrics, which used, on the one hand, online consumer research and, on the other, the average impact that individual brands generate on the web and social media.

Between the first of January and 31 March 2019, the brand that registered the May number of online searches was Palm Angels, followed by GCDS and Chiara Ferragni Collection. But the GCDS t-shirt is the most popular piece of clothing on the web in terms of number of views, while the Chiara Suite sneakers were the most clicked Ferragni article in Italy and the Padlock strap bag the most searched product on Lyst among those designed by Francesco Ragazzi.

According to the Media Impact Value, instead, the Milan influencer brand is dominating the ranking, with a MIV of 10.9 million dollars, 94.8% of which is made on social media with the contribution of the different accounts of the brand.

According to Palm Angels, with a buzz of 6.3 million dollars and more balanced between social (58.7%) and online (41.3%). In the case of the Francesco Ragazzi brand, the media weighed 54.3%, followed by owned media (21.7%) and influencer / celebrity (18.7%).

GCDS, ranked third, achieved an MIV of 6.1 million dollars mainly thanks to the social channel (79.3%). The average impact of the Giuliano Calza banner was generated mainly through influencers / celebrities (40%) and owned media (34.2%).