Gucci unveils its new ‘Overture of something that never ended’ collection through the mini-series of the same name in seven episodes directed by director Gus Van Sant and creative director Alessandro Michele. The first episode was shared on multiple platforms including YouTube, Weibo and included on the dedicated website, a fashion and digital cinema festival that will continue until November 22, reaching over 384,000 views on YouTube, 235,000 on InstagramTV, thousands of comments. and reactions grouped by the hashtags #GucciFest and #GucciOverture also on Twitter. The brand has thus launched a new way to reveal the new fashion proposals. Alessandro Michele has explained that he wants to build an unprecedented path, far from the deadlines that have consolidated within the world of fashion and, above all, far from a hypertrophic performativity that today no longer finds its reason for being, aiming at wanting to abandon the tired rite of seasonality and shows to regain possession of a new scan of time, more in keeping with one’s expressive need “. Shot in Rome, the series features actress, artist and performer Silvia Calderoni and will see the participation of other well-known faces close to the brand including art critic Achille Bonito Oliva, choreographer Sasha Waltz, musicians Billie Eilish, Harry Styles and Florence Welch.