Osimhen champion chose exclusivity and big brands Michele Franzese Moda


Osimhen, the last of six children, was born in Lagos, the economic capital of Nigeria, a metropolis with over 15 million inhabitants. His father, Patrick, decided to move the family from Edo, in the south-west of the country, to Lagos. His childhood was marked by extreme poverty and deprivation. To help the family, he used to accompany his mother (who passed away a few years ago) to street crossings in Lagos, where they sold packets of drinking water to passing motorists.  His life was difficult, marked by a constant struggle for survival in a hostile environment. To help his family, he did various odd jobs, as well as distributing water at intersections. From a young age, he attended school, helped his mother on the streets and played football. Local talent scouts noticed him and took him to a small youth team in Lagos, the Strikers Academy, where he stayed from 2010 to 2017. In the summer of 2020, the transfer to Napoli for a record 70 million euros, making him the most expensive purchase in the history of Calcio Napoli, even surpassing that of Maradona, whose card in 1984 was paid to Barcelona for 13 and a half billion lire. His first year with the Azzurri shirt was conditioned by a serious shoulder injury suffered during a match with the national team and the Covid-19, and ended with 10 goals in 30 games. His second season at Napoli was better, despite a serious injury (fractured cheekbone and eye socket) that kept him out for two months, and Osimhen ended the season with 18 goals in 32 games. This year came his explosion and definitive consecration. Physical power, speed, aggressiveness, a sense of position, an extraordinary ability to assist: these are the characteristics that make Osimhen one of the most complete strikers in the world. The club and the fans love him, even if there is no certainty that his contract, expiring in 2025, will be respected to the end. The most important teams in Europe are ready to make pharaonic investments to take him away from Napoli. The city is aware of the risk, but whatever the outcome, no one will ever forget him, who was able to bring the Scudetto back to Naples after 33 years and make an entire nation happy. Osimhen at Michele Franzese read more…

Michele Franzese Moda

The Azzurri tricolour champion chose Michele Franzese’s cathedral of luxury to go shopping and relax after the great celebrations of the team and the city. Osimhen at Michele Franzese because Michele Franzese Moda’s multi-brand store is a ‘timeless space’ curated by Studio Baciocchi, a ‘dream that goes on’ in the heart of Naples with an area of over 700 square metres located in Piazza dei Martiri, one of the most iconic squares in the city. Period frescos and rooms rich in history will intersect with the emotions of the past, present and future to define new perspectives for daydreaming together, with an eye constantly turned to the advent of a new luxury experience. Michele Franzese Moda is an important reference point for luxury enthusiasts in Italy and the rest of the world, ready to inspire and involve buyers in a “dream” in which innovation, style and elegance come together to create the future international window on the luxury world. A boundless space where physical and digital merge to create an emotional dimension where each person can express their style to the full. Osimhen at Michele Franzese! Come to the boutique.