Simply Home. Virgil Abloh tries with homewear and launches the first collection for the home under the Off-White signature.

Not just linens, though. The American designer also approaches accessories with ceramic objects with an extremely contemporary allure.

In the footsteps of the great fashion houses (Hermès, Gucci, Dior, Versace), Virgil Abloh launches a collection dedicated to the home.

“Home”, this is the name of the line, is divided into three categories: “Ceramics”, “Bed” and “Bath”.

Ceramics is a collection of crockery in raw white ceramic with delicate decoration in contrast with stylized tufts of grass. Empty trays, ashtrays, glasses, plates and mugs for milk are united by a soft and essential silhouette.

The “Bed” collection is dedicated to bed linen. Virgil Abloh proposes a double set with ivory-colored sheets and duvet and embroidery on the pillowcase.

Finally, “Bath”: the collection dedicated to the bathroom composed of a set of towels with the brand’s logo, a bathrobe with a woven vine leaves design, a towel holder and a ceramic toothbrush cup.