Benetton communication for the autumn winter 2018 entrusted to the famous italian photographer

Communication for the fall – winter collection has been entrusted to the hands and mind of the Italian artist.

The photographer, recently, had jumped to the news because of the shot that portrays of migrants on a rubber boat, always within a work accompanied by the brand of the multinational company mentioned.

Now, Toscani, has opted to take inspiration from St. Francis.

Nine immortalized people and a video through which you can listen to a monologue referring to the issues that, according to the vision of those who thought, would be dear to the poor of Assisi.

“In the eyes of light blue there is the cold of Switzerland, while in the blue-black there is the heat of Greece mother of Europe”, is said inside the movie. “Confusion as a value” seems to be the leit motive of the entire production.

A hymn “against civil wars, against the mafias and urban violence of identity, against the fierce ethnic conflicts, against the wars of fault and religion, against terrorism and against all the resurgent racisms”.

Oliviero Toscani, once again, stands in favor of diversity and multiculturalism.

“Nudes like San Francesco – therefore -“. And yes, yes for “these new creatures of the future city”. “No”, then, to the “black witch” who offers the red poisoned apple to “snow white”.

“No longer the war of races, but the ethnic miracle …”. Then the reference to the appeal of the imperial cities and their multi-ethnic and multicultural spirit. The names of Lenin and Michael Jackson are even made.

And in the same images would also be traceable “Fatima, daughter of Muhammad, who takes the features of Mary, mother of Christ”. Ramadan, then, would become “Easter banquet”.

The “canticle of creatures that brings heaven closer and subjugates the world”. This is the last sentence of the video.

Cite St. Francis to praise diversity, to bring the daughter of the prophet of Islam to the one that for Christianity is the mother of Jesus. A campaign that could be destined to be discussed.