10 years after the creation of Nº21, Alessandro Dell’Acqua continues to amaze with his elegant, practical and contemporary looks

A nice story

Alessandro Dell’Acqua is an exceptional creative among Italian stylists who is also highly appreciated abroad. Born in 1962, after completing his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples in 1982 he arrived in Milan and the following year at the age of 23 he was already the creative director of Genny. Then collaborations with brands such as La Perla, Brioni, Malo, Les Copains and Rochas. In 2010 Dell’Acqua, after abandoning a brand that bore his name, rolls up his sleeves and starts with a new project entirely by him, it is called N °21 and takes its name from the number of his birth date. Alessandro, is Neapolitan, superstition, superstition and rituals are deeply rooted elements. Without expectations, with a small collection and the idea of ​​not being able to easily return to the catwalk, Alessandro started from scratch but Nº21 from a small contemporary collection quickly grows into a real brand with a network of stores. A little over 10 years have passed. Alessandro’s rebirth passes through a feminine reworking of the male wardrobe for women of character who know how to dare in a mix, even opposites, but always elegant and bearers of great seductive power, inspired by the great actresses of cinema so loved by the designer. The masculine looks, on the other hand, reject formality, seeking luxury without hesitation. The spirit of the brand is to express freedom through a young and dynamic style strongly oriented to daywear and which also looks to the genderless future. Nº21: elegance and dynamism. For Alessandro, freedom is seduction, being faithful to one’s style is fundamental. A must of his brand is the very elegant use of nude as evidenced also by the splendid dress worn by Sabrina Ferilli in Sanremo. Dell’acqua is also very personally involved in new talent research projects to encourage and accompany the generational change in the world of fashion. Together with Tomorrow he has devised a consultancy program through which to support two emerging designers every year, one Italian and the other international. This year he has entrusted the creative direction of two capsule collections to Alfredo Cortese of AC9 and Nensi Dojaka. «I would like my example to teach school in Italy. There is much talk of young people but little is done for them. With my own means I started an important project. You can do everything, you just need to want to ». Don’t miss the Nº21 selection by Michele Franzese Moda.