We can be heroes. Part David Bowie and from No.21 never soundtrack could be more apt to describe the emancipated eroticism of spring-summer 2020 by Alessandro Dell’Acqua. “I wanted a co-ed show with the women’s and men’s collections because I’m interested in giving a narrative unit to my fashion idea,” explains the designer. I believe that fashion is a unique and global concept that only those who wear the clothes that are expression of it personalize it, that is, it makes it from their gender and transfers their personality.”


“The first inspiration of this collection is a sense of eroticism that emanates from exclusively sexual expressions and becomes a means of talking to the body – continues Dell’Acqua – and that is why I designed the same clothes for the woman and the man, without falling into the no-gender trap but bringing together the two genders, feminine and masculine, in the continuous interweaving of references and lines, volumes and fabrics.”

On the platform is a deluge of flowers and crayons. But the color palette is also tinged with green, hazelnut and ecrù. There are the men’s looks with XL revers jackets and the printed nylon that forms parachute dresses, the high-collar cady blouses closed behind the neck with long bows. And then there are the cotton shorts and pleated chiffon skirts, leather shirts and sweaters smeared with crystals.

Pieces that compose and break down as needed, such as the incredible chiffon dress that loses sleeves and becomes petticoats or pleated skirts half leather and half in chiffon. The masculine that is on the feminine and vice versa. Cubic sculpture heels and pointed male ankle boots dominate at the feet. In hand, micro envelope bags and macros. Practices and reading.