The predictive analytics retail buying company, founded in Boston in 2013, will support the American giant sportswear in optimizing global inventories and the distribution chain


Nike accelerates on the digital market by acquiring Celect, at Boston-based predictive analyzer for retail purchases and demand tracking. Founded in 2013, the platform has developed a cloud-based solution that helps retailers optimize global inventories and the distribution chain.

Celect helps companies to understand how to customer who buys in a store or chooses products, defining the demand locally. With this acquisition, Nike intends to strengthen its consumer direct offense strategy towards customers, focusing on digital technologies, fast deliveries, product customization and apps based on augmented and virtual reality.

The Celect team was immediately integrated into Nike’s global operations team, while its co-founders continued to be tenured professors at the MIT-Massachusetts institute of technology.

“With the acquisition of Celect, Nike accelerates the digital advantage with a platform developed by world-class data analysis specialists,” said Eric Sprunk, Nike’s chief operating officer. “With the growth of demand for our products, we must be oriented towards the understanding of over-focused data on consumer behavior”.

“We are excited to join the Nike team, adding capabilities to the analytical and data foundation that the brand has built over the years,” concluded Celect’s CEO, John Andrews.