A high-performance rubberized cotton coat on the back of which an image is printed obtained by painting with water on light-sensitive material. This is what happens when the brand of jackets Mackintosh, designer Matthew Williams of ALYX and the photographer and artist Nick Knight combine talent and creativity: a garment, man and woman, for collectors, sold only in London in the days of Fashion Week in the Conduit street shop, which is already a must for collectors.

On the other hand, the process that led to this innovative limited edition was totally natural. Nick Knight has been working with ALYX for years to define the iconography of their catalogs, and Mackintosh and Matthew Williams have been experimenting with streetwear for a long time, so it was only a matter of time before the three talents produced something to unite them.

Photographer, artist and visionary Knight has a very precise idea of ​​what the future holds for us: only beautiful things.

“We live in a magnificent era that offers us more possibilities for expression than we ever had before. Photography is accessible to everyone and the technological possibilities are endless “.

How to paint with water on photosensitive material. “This is a technique that I have been studying for some years – he explains – the water transforms the photosensitive surface and is completely unpredictable. It alters shapes and contours, simply slipping away. For this coat I chose an abstract image that was well suited to space, but I like experimenting with defined shapes too “.

An incurable optimist? Why not.

After all, he explains, “looking at the past does not make sense, the nostalgia of the time that was is only an effect of the fear of the future At this time of great changes for our species the reactionary outbreaks, from ISIS to Trump to Brexit , I am the effect of fear for the unknown, but it will pass I am sure, we are made to evolve and nothing can stop us From artificial intelligence, bionic arts, social change and genres we must embrace change. this is a privilege “.