The taste of the ‘street’. Let’s discover together the new street style trends and the proposals of the top brands

Street style is one of the most popular trends in contemporary fashion. The term ‘street style’ refers to the clothing worn by ordinary people, often photographed by paparazzi or fashion bloggers while walking through the streets of cities. Street style fashion is characterised by a wide variety of styles and influences, ranging from punk rock to hip-hop, from skateboarding to Japanese fashion. People who adopt street style often dress creatively and unconventionally, trying to express their personality through their clothing. One of the most important elements of street style is freedom of expression. Clothes do not have to be expensive or designer, but should reflect the personality of the wearer. This is why street style often takes the form of a mix of clothes of different styles, brands and trends. Accessories are another important element of street style. Earrings, bracelets, rings, hats, scarves and sunglasses are just some of the accessories used to customise one’s look. Street style was also influenced by the street fashion trends that developed in Japan in the 1980s. In this context, street fashion took on a strong cultural and youth component, becoming a means of expressing one’s individuality. Japanese street fashion has influenced street style worldwide, with its colourful, bold and often surreal style. In recent years, street style has become increasingly popular, thanks to the use of social media such as Instagram and TikTok. Fashion influencers have started posting photos and videos of their street style, creating a domino effect that has led to more and more people becoming interested in this trend. Street style has also influenced fashion catwalks. Many clothing designers have incorporated elements of street style into their collections, using more informal fabrics and shapes and adding fun and original accessories. Michele Franzese Moda has selected for you some top brands to keep an eye on for new street style trends.


A-Cold-Wall is a streetwear brand founded in 2015 by British designer Samuel Ross. The brand quickly gained a great reputation in the fashion scene due to its minimalist aesthetic and its ability to mix art, architecture and fashion. The name A-Cold-Wall is inspired by the weather conditions in London, where the brand is based. The brand’s aim is to create high-quality, functional clothing that can be worn in different situations and weather conditions. A-Cold-Wall’s philosophy is to use high quality materials and innovative production techniques to create clothes that will last. The brand focuses on experimenting with fabrics such as nylon, cotton and leather, combining different fabrics to create unique and interesting garments. A-Cold-Wall’s collection is characterised by clothes and accessories with a minimalist and clean design, with a focus on details and finishes. The predominant colours are black, white and grey, with touches of red and blue in some garments. One of the distinctive elements of A-Cold-Wall is the use of innovative graphics and prints on the garments, giving a touch of originality and personality to each outfit. The brand is also known for its collaborations with other brands, such as Nike and Converse, to create unique and innovative shoes and accessories. The brand is also involved in social and philanthropic initiatives, such as creating water bags for homeless people in London. In addition, Samuel Ross has collaborated with contemporary artist Ai Weiwei to create a collection of clothing that reflects their concern for the social and political issues of our time.


Bluemarble is a fashion brand that stands out for its environmentally sustainable philosophy and the quality of its products. Founded in 2010, the company is dedicated to creating clothing and accessories that respect the environment and the people involved in production. Bluemarble’s philosophy is based on social and environmental responsibility. The company is committed to using sustainable materials, such as organic cotton and Tencel, a fabric derived from wood pulp. But Bluemarble is not limited to being an eco-friendly brand. Its style is fresh and modern, with a strong attention to detail and quality materials. The garments are designed to be versatile and durable, to fit multiple occasions and last. The brand offers a wide range of clothing and accessories for men and women, including T-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, jackets, and bags. The colors are mainly neutral and natural, but there are also garments with original prints and patterns. One of the most interesting aspects of Bluemarble is its transparency.


Bonsai is a Japanese fashion brand founded by Toru Yoshida in 2012. The name “Bonsai” comes from the Japanese art of growing small trees, representing the attention to detail and product care that the brand seeks to express. Bonsai’s philosophy is to create high-quality, tailored garments using only high-quality Japanese fabrics. The brand focuses on minimalist and functional designs inspired by Japanese lifestyle. Bonsai’s collections include garments for both men and women, including suits, shirts, pants, jackets, and accessories. The garments are made from natural fabrics such as cotton, wool, and linen, and come in a range of neutral colors such as black, gray, and beige. A distinctive aspect of Bonsai is its attention to detail and product care. The garments are designed to last a long time and withstand everyday wear and tear. The brand uses traditional Japanese production techniques such as Shibori, a hand-dyeing technique that creates unique designs on fabric. The brand has also collaborated with other fashion brands, such as Vans and Fred Perry, to create special collections. A brand for sure to keep an eye on for new street style trends.

Martine Rose

Martine Rose is a British fashion brand founded in 2007 by the designer of the same name. The brand is known for its innovative and bold aesthetic, which is distinguished by its use of bright colors and eccentric patterns. Martine Rose has gained considerable popularity through her unique and provocative collections. The designer has a very personal vision of fashion, combining elements of the past and present in a surprising way. Her collections are characterized by a strong sense of color and form, and often incorporate elements of streetwear and pop culture. Martine Rose’s collections have always been characterized by a strong sense of humor, manifested through the use of colorful patterns and eccentric prints. The brand also stands out for its attention to detail, with finely crafted and hand-sewn garments using high-quality materials. Martine Rose has collaborated with numerous brands and artists over the years, including Nike, Timberland, and Napapijri. The collaborations often include elements that represent the brand’s DNA, such as the use of patterns and bright colors. The brand is also highly regarded by the fashion and streetwear community, and has gained an international fan following due to its innovative and bold collections that are always at the forefront of new street style trends.