A new fashion experience awaits you! Discover one of the first virtual boutiques dedicated to the luxury world

Technological vocation

It was 1992 when entrepreneur Michele Franzese decided to follow his great passion for haute couture to the end and founded Michele Franzese Moda, dreaming and aspiring to become a point of reference in the dissemination of the culture and symbols of fashion and luxury. A little over 30 years have now passed and the results have been both qualitatively and quantitatively positive. In these thirty years, one of the most evident skills that has enabled Michele Franzese Moda to climb the ladder of success has been to build a profound relationship with the evolution of the fashion system. Deeply understanding the language of the fashion world means not only having an empirical mastery of what trends and styles are, it also means keeping up with the times, and in today’s world this means being endowed with great vision and intuition regarding the continuous evolution of the most advanced technologies with which the fashion world is now in complete dialectical synergy. 2015 marks Michele Franzese Moda’s entry into the borderless market of the digital world: its e-commerce, the digital boutique of Michele Franzese Moda has quickly become a reference point in the luxury fashion scene through its specific selection of the most important international brands in men’s, women’s and children’s collections. Its international digital community has grown and today on the big social networks Michele Franzese Moda has a significant presence with over 160 thousand followers on Instagram and over 220 thousand on Facebook and is part of “The Best Shops” community, the brand of excellence that gathers the best multi-brand luxury retailers in Italy. One of the strengths of Michele Franzese Moda’s technological sensibility was the use of the fantastic Virtual Personal Shopper system, a service that allows one to connect directly with the store via whatsapp, virtually ‘visit’ the boutique, ask for advice on the garments best suited to one’s needs and on all the latest trends of the top brands, see them and then be able to purchase them online, receiving them comfortably at home. This service was much appreciated during the critical Covid period, since despite the related regulations that prevented easy human movement, it allowed customers to continue to enjoy a fantastic and unique shopping experience. The novelty we are presenting today is part of this great trail of avant-garde and technological insight. In fact, a completely digital and virtual version of the imposing Michele Franzese Moda boutique is born, a new fashion experience. The “cathedral of luxury” curated by Studio Baciocchi and located in Piazza dei Martiri in Naples, which brings together all the world’s most important and glamorous brands, opens its doors, its over 700 square metres with period frescoes and rooms rich in history, to a completely new digital and virtual shopping experience. The Michele Franzese Moda digital boutique radically innovates the brand identity by digitising the physical shop. The idea, the vision is to go beyond e-commerce, beyond omnichannel. The user experience of this new shopping opportunity is decidedly innovative and highly immersive. The customer is placed completely at the centre of the Michele Franzese Moda world, and is accompanied and involved in the process of digital transformation and innovation. The customer can literally navigate and move through the departments and floors of the digitised boutique as if he or she were there to view the extraordinary luxury and haute couture garments expertly selected and displayed. A new fashion experience awaits you! Discover one of the first virtual boutiques dedicated to the luxury world, discover the Michele Franzese Moda digital boutique.