H&M has presented its amazing new concept store, H&M Sergels Torg, which takes its name from the central shopping district of Stockholm where it is located. The store presents a series of ideas and innovative business models. The new flagship has a loft-like appearance with soft colors, a modular interior design without walls, and even a Beauty Bar on the second floor that will open at 7:30 am, allowing early risers to get a manicure or make-up while they go at work, or drink a cappuccino at the adjacent “coffee truck”.

The biggest news is the implementation of H&M Rental Service, which offers a selection of around 50 elegant dresses, bridal gowns and exotic evening tops that can be rented for a week to H&M loyalty program members for 350 SEK per piece. The sizes range from 34 to 48, and the price of items from 60 to 300 euros. The new 3,200 square meter concept store includes a large slate-colored recycling container. H&M has equipped most of its stores with purchase vouchers for 15% of the purchase price of returned garments. In 2019, the brand will collect 25,000 tons of used clothes, or the equivalent of 150 million t-shirts. The immense boutique is lit only by energy-saving LED bulbs. Floors and shelves follow the same logic of sustainability. H&M mainly supplies itself with renewable energies and 96% of its electricity already comes from sustainable sources. Consumers who have downloaded the H&M app can now scan Consciousclusive labels, which reveal the exact composition of each outfit and the name of the supplier