Tiffany launches ‘Not your mother’s Tiffany’, the slogan of the latest advertising campaign that winks at the claim of a well-known US car manufacturer (‘Not your father’s Oldsmobile’) and seems to announce a new course and target for the company in orbit Lvmh. In the campaign posts published on Instagram, many users have claimed the strategic importance of the old audience, although Millennials and Generation Z must be held in high regard because they will represent 45% of global luxury sales by 2025. Tiffany had started revising her advertising plan a year ago by stopping publishing the famous advertisement in the New York Times, and announcing on social media that it was about to change its characteristic shade of blue to a vivid lemon yellow. A playful experiment that has drawn attention to what looks like a rebranding and that has turned the spotlight on the yellow diamond capsule collection launched by Tiffany, promoted by the flaghship store in the same nuance opened in Los Angeles for the duration of a weekend.