What color is the pig? Pink? No: Yellow. They know the regulars of the Neapolitan boutique by Michele Franzese, who in these days have the way to admire the new installation of artistic director of Art boutique Federico Pinnaserra. The young creative in fact gave life to the #Project23, or a colorful vision of contemporary fashion: The four windows on via Morelli in fact have transformed as if by magic in as many frames of a unique color pink, yellow, green and white, each of which are associated with a fruit or an animal: The lemon with yellow, the banana always yellow, the pink pig.

The artist then changes the color to the various objects selected and recovered by himself around the city among junk dealers, and then changes the original color: So, the pig turns yellow, pink bread, white banana, green lobster and so on.

The installation will last a month, and is enriched by featured dresses selected from the latest creations of the luxury brands of the moment: green of Amen, white for Oscar de la Renta and Pasini, Rosa for Laneus and Dsquared with Isabel Sanchis, yellow for Alexander Vauthier.