Solidarity partnership between the National Chamber of Fashion (CNMI) and the UN for Fashion Deserves the World, a project that is part of the prestigious calendar of events of UNHR, the United Nations agency specializing in the protection and assistance of refugees, displaced persons and stateless persons in all the world, and involves the association chaired by Carlo Capasa in a commitment to promote the evolution of the fashion system in an increasingly ethical direction. To develop Fashion Deserves the World, Mygrants was called, a startup and benefit company led by Christian Richmond Nzi which offers refugees and migrants a wide range of micro-learning programs in three languages ​​allowing them to update and consolidate their skills in order to to accompany them to the world of work. Through this project, CNMI and Mygrants will guarantee 15 young refugees and migrants who wish to find work in the textile and clothing sector the possibility of free access to a range of technical training services in various areas of the fashion industry.