It has been on sale to fans since last spring, but now it will officially present itself to the Neapolitans. It is “I will be with you”, a title that says it all about the first social biography of Napoli. A box set that contains the historical memories of all the players have worn the blue jersey in recent years, created thanks to the partnership between the club of aurelio De Laurentiis and Epico, an innovative global digital platform that connects fans to their idols, teams and brands that by hand.

It could be called a co-creation platform. The Napoli fans, in this case, have sent thousands of questions for their favorites, but also for those characters who live Naples behind the scenes and know their story like no other. The most beautiful questions were chosen and with the answers of the protagonists a completely new biography was built, thanks to the point of view of those who really love Naples: its fans. The result is a unique, different, original story with which the Naples has been told directly to its fans, without filters.

Napoli is the first Italian club to provide its own social biography, a step that leads the way to other projects: in the wake of Naples, in fact, other Italian football clubs are ready to follow the example, as will happen in the coming months both in the Bundesliga than in the Premier League.

The volume will be officially presented to the Neapolitans and to the Italian fans on October 17th at Michele Franzese’s Luxury Brands Store, during the evening will also be presented the latest collections of Wild Mascot by Jessica Ziolek, winner of Polish Fashion Week and blue’s companion Arek Milik. There will be players and show business personalities to embellish an evening in which an aperitif with Champagne and live DJ-sets will be offered. Music, food, fashion, fun, emotions. And of course a lot of Naples.