As we all know, Clare Waight Keller has an unerring sense of what women love to wear. And for what they want to bring with them. Their minimalist handbag models always have a certain refinement and become the new it-bag in no time. His last shot? The Mystic Bag by Givenchy.
A model that shows the strength of the brand with its clean and structured lines, the elegance of Givenchy‘s history with the feminine and harmonious silhouette, and the timeless style with the unagitated classic: Givenchy of the new Mystic it-bag is a real handyman – and has gathered in this bag the features of fashion designed by Waight Keller in a single model. Because what the British designer’s collection (as well as the spirit of couture itself that counts) is precisely this approach of combining contrasting elements with proportion in perfection and showing a multifaceted picture of femininity. No wonder then that the new Givenchy bag model can do all this – and wonderfully complete the wardrobe of the modern businesswoman with a strong character.