In just three years from its creation, the Monôt brand has climbed to the top of success and is worn by the most glamorous stars on the planet

From Lebanon to the world

Monôt is definitely one of the brands of the moment within the fashion system. In fact, for some years numerous and important VIPs and stars of cinema, music and fashion have chosen Monôt dresses to present themselves during the most glamorous and exclusive occasions and parties. The brand’s climb to success was relatively short, in fact its first collection dates back to spring/summer 2019 and was then immediately relaunched post-pandemic in spring/summer 2021. The creator of the brand is Eli Mizrahi. Eli was born in Lebanon and moved to New York at the age of 13 having political refugee status. Fascinated by the world of fashion, he began meeting influential people in New York City and built an impressive network of friends and contacts through consulting for various brands. His passion for traveling the world has been a source of endless inspiration. Eli distinguished himself with a unique and bold style, capturing the attention of the fashion world. As he himself affirms, Monôt’s clothes are made to be noticed and the advice of the founder Eli Mizrahi on how to wear his looks is: “If you believe you can do it, do it… In fashion, there is no right or wrong; it’s basically just a matter of opinion.” The designer has made a splash since his debut collection which Zendaya quickly bought up. Since then, the sexy and elegant style of the brand has been liked by many stars. Among the first to appreciate Mônot the singer Dua Lipa and the supermodel Alessadra Ambrosio, who chose the same cut-out model then also Kerry Washington, Kate Hudson, Precious Lee, Emily Ratajkowski, Jisoo, Lisa, Lizzo and Jennifer Lopez fell in love of the seductive models of Monôt. The exploit continued with the actress and model Nina Dobrev and the actress Marina Ruy Barbosa at the amfAR Gala 2021 of the Cannes Film Festival, also in the same festival Cara Delevingne during an exclusive dinner organized by the brand wore a suit made up of a white strapless bandeau made in edgy triangular shapes. To continue with other illustrious examples, the timeless beauty of Demi Moore was also staged on the red carpet for the gala that celebrates women in cinema at the Venice Film Festival 2021 with a sensual total white outfit by Monôt and at Paris Fashion Week 22 the former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo who decided to tread the streets with a particularly provocative dress of the brand, an ultra cut-out black tight-fitting dress, with an ultra slit characterized by a radiant peek-a-boo game that leaves very little space to the imagination, again in Paris at the Monôt show Valentina Ferragni chose a black and white look, the most recurring shades in the brand’s collections, with a long dress with a round neckline and a deep slit that opens on the right leg, two portholes on the sides and two maxi bows applied laterally. But for Eli, it’s not all about celebrity endorsements: “I’d love to see a powerful female lawyer in a courtroom in a cut-out dress…fit is everything…When I try on my designs, I do two sets: one in New York, one in Italy. We then do a fitting and combine them to get the perfect fit…There is so much talent these days and what it takes to become a successful designer is more than just talent…When I launched Monôt, I did my research on what that was missing in the store and that is clothing that made women feel sexy but without losing authority. Monôt: brand of the moment. Come and discover his fantastic items in the Michele Franzese Moda selection.