A style lesson from the most beautiful


Monica Bellucci in Venice 2019 is the magnificent vision we all dreamed of in anticipation. And the diva did not betray dreams, indeed, far from it. Keep feeding them and keeping them alive. And with her long dress Monica Bellucci is already the ultimate icon of Venice 76.

Sunny, beautiful – more and more -, magnetic as few, and feminine as any other, with her black dress, dark glasses, loose hair, illuminated by the magical golden light of the afternoon and a smile that wins everything.

Monica Bellucci arrives at the Hotel Excelsior solo – without Deva Casssel still on holiday in Greece, but without even Vincent Cassel, with whom she is waiting on the festival red carpet for the full version of Gaspar Noé’s Irréversible – and already holds the his impeccable style lesson.

Take note, because if there is a long dress that embodies all the fashion trends of 2019, and conquers a place among the evergreen and timeless dresses of each season, that is his.

A black dress halfway between a caftan and a longdress by Dior: wide and soft, chic and boho at the same time, with bat sleeves creating the effect of a blouse, the v-neck – which hints at a sexy lingerie en noir – and a ‘ wide skirt drapé that covers her ankles.

Styling? Perfect, just like you, from head to toe. Seeing, indeed admiring, to believe.