Five operators have submitted bids for the concession of five historic lots of the monumental complex of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Among the brands interested in the tender, which is now moving on to the next phase with the examination of the economic offers, the Felix by Carlo Cracco and the Chanel and Damiani brands stand out. Just over a year has passed since the auction that last February, after 38 raises of hands among six competing brands, opened the doors of the Octagon at Dior. Yet the crisis triggered by Covid has not affected the attraction of the Gallery. Carlo Cracco, already present in the Galleria with his restaurant, runs to win the 276 square meter lot on the second floor of via Silvio Pellico 2, but also for the 376 square meter space left free by the Pavarotti restaurant. Damiani jewelry competes for the same premises and has also submitted an offer for the former Diurno Cobianchi. The ancient hall located under the Gallery is also of interest to Chanel.