The Italian fashion and trends magazine met the fashion entrepreneur for an interesting comparison on the world fashion industry and the trends of the coming year


Q .: Do you think it would be more useful to combine presentations of all the pre-collections to the men’s fashion shows in order to make the Men’s Fashion Week more attractive?
A .: Considering that there is always a strong interest for the pre-collections, as they are expected to be just as original as the main collections, I would say that adding them to the Men’s fashion shows could increase media attention and curiosity for the Men fashion.

Q .: What is the difference between the selection of brands for the web compared to the physical store?
A .: The selection for the web is more international taste, we tend to push more streetwear brands that can attract a wider clientele. While for the physical store, you try to meet the local taste adding occasionally some external input to accustom the eye to the news.

Q .: About customers: over time has changed a lot?
A .: Today customers have much clearer ideas on what they want to buy, we are bombarded with advertising through channels that until a few years ago were unthinkable for these purposes (suffice to mention facebook, instagram or internet in general if we want to go even further back in time). There is strong determination in the request, therefore we must direct customers to other options if we want to grow and retain customers at their store.


Q .: According to recent research experience is the only thing that matters: Millennials privilege less and less their objects and their homes, giving greater importance to personal life experiences. Today, if luxury brands intend to attract new customers, they must learn to sell not just a product, but above all an experience. What do you think about it?
A .: It is the claim of my life: we do not sell only objects, but emotions. Everyone can be able to sell, few manage to transmit an all-encompassing and rewarding shopping experience that goes through impeccable customer service, an excellent selection of items and a marketing plan that loyalty and rewards customers for their loyalty.


Q .: Many of the insiders say that during the men’s fashion week there is a greater focus on emerging brands, ready in this way to stand out. Do you agree?
A .: Finding new talents is my favorite “hobby” so I can absolutely confirm that for me the fashion show for men is an important moment to look for emerging talents who will probably be able to impose themselves on the international fashion scene. Therefore, I think it is more than fair to give space for expression to the new realities of the fashion scene.

Q .: What advice would you give to the fashion room about organizing the next fashion week?
A .: To continue to focus on the training of young talents and on the potential of digital channels, the future of shopping must go mainly through online sales.

Q .: Do fairs still make sense in your opinion?
A .: In my opinion the fairs find sense in the research activity of new emerging brands and in networking: they are, in fact, an excellent pretext to expand their network of contacts and encourage the exchange of ideas that never hurts especially in a world as new as e-commerce.

Q .: Which are the most interesting ones to keep an eye on?
A .: Pitti and Who’s Next.

Q .: How do you see the role of Florence and Milan compared to capitals like Paris?
A: Italian cities, especially Milan, have always been competing for the scepter of the best fashion cities. While New York acts as a lighthouse and London mainly revolves around emerging talents, Milan, in my opinion, attracts the best brands in the world with Paris. Also strong in Made in Italy, the city of Milan has recovered many points compared to the French capital and today attracts both emerging brands and historical brands.

Q .: It can indicate three men’s must-have garments for the autumn-winter of 2019-20
A .: The tailored suit in all its forms always remains a strong must have for men, followed in my opinion the luxury activewear declined for example in sweatshirts with technical or perforated fabric and the logoed garment that goes from the shirt to the accessory, such as the hat, for example, which has returned to a preponderant extent on the runways.

Q .: And for the woman?
A .: In my opinion there will continue to be strong vintage references that will influence the style of boots, true winter battle horses, blazer jackets and structured coats to give a business touch to the look and sneakers that, even after the advent of the notes dad sneakers, will continue to impose themselves in the women’s wardrobe.

Q .: What was the show that we will see more in the windows?
A .: Burberry, because it has proven to know how to reinvent itself while maintaining the historical heritage of the brand.

Q .: Will the male wardrobes be contaminated with more formal or casual elements next winter?
A .: I believe that the key to success is always to mix casual clothes with more formal pieces, then go ahead with the sweatshirt combined with the blazer or the sneakers under classic trousers. The secret today is contamination without limits.

Q .: While the female ones?
A: The same applies to women, even if today there is a great return to femininity on the catwalk, mixed with menswear elements. For example, the mini dress shows off its most sensual side in combination with business woman blazers with structured shoulders, vaguely androgynous in taste.

Q .: Do they buy more men or women?
A .: Men spend a lot on mobile devices while women, while keeping the shopping banner high, still tend to favor direct experience in the store. In my opinion the two experiences are similar but take place in different ways.

Q .: What is the name that today represents the fashion of the future?

Q .: Can you indicate the name of an emerging brand to keep an eye on?
A .: Doublet