#project21 wash and dry is the performative installation, apotheosis of the fleeting,that Michele Franzese proposes in its gallery / boutique. Franzese  proposes itself as a Laundry, as a specific place where clothing can be brought to splendor using the admirable “luxury extract” or “white and fibers. “Michele Franzese” is also available in maxi format and in a sanitizing liquid version for an immediate feeling of well-being. The artist Federico Pinna transports us in the white and fresh atmospheres of freshly made laundry. There is no past, there is no future, there is only “now”, the present, everything happens now, like the virile figures of two young men ironing, surely a demasculinization which symbolically joins the woman’s stereotyped condition and rebels against it. Different interpretations for an happening between the “sublime” and the “now”, between “good taste” and “vanitas”.