Passion and experience are the characteristic elements of the new fall/winter 2022 women’s campaign by Michele Franzese Moda. Let yourself be dressed in great style.

Experience, Passion…

If your goal is not to go unnoticed in this fall/winter 2022 then the new campaign by Michele Franzese Moda is definitely the one for you and sets itself as a guideline for the woman who makes the search for style a lifestyle choice. Michele Franzese Moda has in fact chosen for you within the great selection of top brands that gravitate in its orbit a super women’s collection structured on an outfit solution that aspires to be real must haves and which as such certainly cannot missing in your wardrobe for this autumn/winter. The proposed style ideas will allow you to present yourself on all occasions, both more formal and informal, as icons of refinement inevitably projecting all the attention on you. The selection of these outfits within the various autumn/winter collections of the most important and influential brands in the fashion system has been skilfully performed with great attention to new trends, the details of the accessories and the fine quality of the materials. A difficult choice that only those with great experience in the world of high fashion and luxury can and are able to make, if experience is then added to the boundless passion for fashion then with Michele Franzese in this you are definitely on the safe side. Let yourself be guided in hypnotic garments with timeless aesthetics, universal in their beauty. Are you ready to wear not only clothes but new moods? Here is the MFM woman selection.

… and style

Let’s start with a garment that characterizes the cold seasons par excellence: the overcoat. This year Michele Franzese Moda wants to propose a coat capable of literally shouting “style” and being heard from a long distance: we are talking about a fantastic oversized double-breasted coat with asymmetrical hem and leather belt in mohair wool in a bright but at the same time enveloping designed by Alexander McQUEEN. Let’s complete this splendid look with stiletto heel pumps made of calfskin with the color of an intense and sensual scarlet red perfected by the punk tip in silver metal, and let’s combine them with a matching shoulder bag in color and material. If you fancy a mini dress, you can’t miss three super sexy solutions: the first in total black which includes a black bustier minidress with a sweetheart neckline combined with warm muffs, both Monot, and blue Alexandre Vauthier boots in crocodile faux leather metallic with stiletto heel of a truly glamorous scream; if you want to go further instead the second option that might interest you is a Room76 mini dress in nude tulle and silver sequins with crystals on the back and feathers on the bottom, to leave everyone speechless; finally, if you prefer a less “night” solution but without giving up on sensuality, then for you there is a tight-fitting Off-White mini dress in camel faux fur with white “Touch Carefully” writing on the side on the front. For increasingly less informal occasions when the cold isn’t a problem, Maison Margiela offers a triptych made up of sandblasted-effect washed denim shorts with fringed edges and drawstring at the waist to be combined with a pair of Tabi boots in vintage black leather with a draped effect and with the original Tabi cut on the toe and a black crop top with mesh inserts; while with the Alyx brand you could choose a black cotton top with a two-tone draped weave on the front and a black vinyl miniskirt with a very original triangle pocket on the front. But the MFM woman selection continues, discover the most eagerly awaited novelties for this autumn/winter 22 on Michele Franzese Moda.