The Metaverse is now increasingly conquering the world of fashion and is preparing to host its first fashion week, scheduled from 24 to 27 March at Decentraland, a decentralized platform based on the Ethereum blockchain, in which users have the opportunity to trade through the buyibeng and selling of land and carrying out leisure activities.


The metafashion week is a further evolution of live streaming, fashion movies and more generally of the hybrid fashion show system that has spread rapidly since 2020, due to lockdown, as a virtual alternative to continue to present one’s collections in complete safety and replace the live shows. Participation in the event is free and does not require an invitation. There will be shows, presentations, concerts and after parties organized by the participating brands, as well as the possibility of buying special outfits for your avatar and real items with cryptocurrency.

digital fashion and meta verse


Among the brands that look at the metaverse with interest, the latest news, in chronological order, come from Prada and Adidas with their Adidas for Prada Re-Nylon collection in a non-fungible-token version The project, called ‘Adidas for Prada re- source ‘, consists of a series of Nft that will be elaborated by the digital artist Zach Lieberman on the basis of the photos taken with a particular Nft filter elaborated by Lieberman himself and uploaded by the fan community through a nickname. 3.000 works created by users will be selected, then minted in NFT and interlocked to create a single mosaic.

Nike advances into the Metaverse


Project participants will be able to retain ownership of their digital contributions. The proceeds from the final NFT put up for auction will be donated in part to Slow Factory, a non-profit organization that works to promote and inspire sustainable climate solutions and inclusive communities, while the rest will be a percentage of the authors of the photographs. The project, carried out in collaboration with Polygon Studios and launched on the Polygon blockchain network, involves the dissemination of the final NFT in some Prada and Adidas stores around the world.