Spring has come it’s time to jump in, with the right shoes.


If it is true that an outfit cannot be defined as such and be complete without ending with shoes, it is equally true that the choice of footwear can compromise, if wrong, the entire success of the outfit itself. Finding the right shoes for every occasion or moment of the day is in fact a complicated business and there are many who want accessories that act as allies of a unique and elegant style always ready to be original and coherent as a whole. Contrary to what the common imagination is used to thinking the famous problem of “which shoes to wear” is not exclusively a female problem, on the contrary, men’s style is equally conditioned by clothing with the right footwear. In fact, even for humans it is appropriate to say that that choice was “fitting” or not, in every sense. Let’s discover the 2022 men’s shoes with the must-haves for the season

Spring 2022

This year, spring 2022 was confirmed as the moccasin season. These shoes, synonymous with timeless style and elegance, boast a very long journey in the world of men’s accessories and have long since returned to the choices of the most original and fashionable fashion man ever thanks to their versatility, essentiality and undisputed class. In fact, there is a model of moccasins for every occasion, for every particular need and for every personal style. There are several brands and major fashion maison that, season after season, are committed to proposing or re-proposing their typical handcrafted creations produced with a careful choice and selection of precious materials of the highest quality.

Top classic

For lovers of a classic and elegant style, historic brands such as Church’s, Tricker’s and John Lobb are the must-haves for the season. In fact, these brandos are real top names and very successful who have historically created classic shoes and moccasins that are anything but trivial, footwear that is enriched with unusual details that make the difference, among these the tonal laces and the flat sole. contrast make it a product of the highest level in the world of accessories, at the top of all rankings. There is something captivating and intriguing about John Lobb footwear. Maybe it’s how they deviate from the crowd. Or, perhaps, it’s how they make some of the most beautiful shoes on the planet, as decreed by Forbes. The skill of its craftsmen boasts a specific technique to stretch the leather that takes a full eight hours but leaves a seamless finish never seen before, for shoes that fit the foot like gloves like those designed by artistic director Paula Gerbase. Whether you live in London, Milan or Dubai, if you consider yourself a gentleman you must have a pair of Tricker’s in your wardrobe, or at least wish to have them. Because? Simple, because a pair of Tricker’s goes well with everything, from selvedge jeans to Tasmanian or pinstriped trousers, to khaki Bermuda shorts. The company is renowned throughout the world for its classic models in calfskin, with oak bark soles, worked by hand or with the “Bench Made” technique, tanned by craftsmen both by hand and with the help of machinery. The Tricker’s are classic country-style shoes, with a touch of British elegance that stands out in every single shoe. For those looking for a shoe with an elegant and sophisticated design, cannot fail to choose the unmistakable Church’s, a brand that has always focused on quality, its strong point, outlining that it is not just shoes, but works of art. art, of unique pieces. Church’s collections are true icons of contemporary luxury and are distinguished by a timeless aesthetic and exceptional quality. Come and discover the 2022 men’s shoes and the must-haves for the season, the new collection awaits you online on Michele Franzese Moda.