Men’s accessories for Spring / Summer 2021 focus on functionality and utility, comfort and practicality, with a minimalist trend that gives less space to the superfluous and aesthetic embellishment, without neglecting the finishes and materials used. The backpacks adopt original, oversized and light-hearted shapes, in the sign of manageability and practicality, which translate into soft and manageable objects. The larger ones are slightly padded, while comfort is guaranteed by the use of soft and elegant leathers. The models with the thin back are suitable for the most sophisticated men. The outdoor or sports bags feature reinforced straps and details. The traditional bucket hat is also trendy, with adaptations useful in case of rain such as wide and protective brims or extensions to keep the neck away from water, and then the straps and components of the bag dedicated to the outdoors and extreme sports which are reinforced and fabric secured with heavy duty safety clips and buckles.