Practicality and functionality are the watchwords that many designers have used to react to the pandemic, creating easy collections in order to be elegant and at the same time comfortable during smart working: here are dresses with extra large XXL trousers, pajama cut or inspired to work uniforms with many pockets and a comfortable fit, and creative and super colored lines to bring a bit of optimism and positivity into everyday life in this difficult period. To mention, among other trends, the Bomber jacket for a free spirit, Pastel colors on 70s-inspired garments that bring a breath of optimism, bright and vibrant colors, unstructured and casual formal outfits for absolute comfort, Kimono, baggy Bermuda shorts, essential piece of the men’s summer wardrobe, Marinaresco style striped sweaters, Prints and Patterns, Daytime Pajamas, Couture tracksuits 90s style, Minimalism style, black and white from Classic Elegance, T-shirt and Shirt tucked under the pants. Other trendy news come from Tom FordAlexander Mc Queen, Alyx and Sant Laurent.