Fashion and its original repetitions, the Mediterranean Sea as an inexhaustible source of creative inspiration

How much does fashion have to do with repetition? A superficial knowledge of the phenomenon of fashion, intended both as a historical and therefore human phenomenon, would quickly lead to the quick conclusion of indissolubly associating the concept of fashion with that of originality. Of course, originality is a fundamental moment of the creative aspect as it is a determining factor in the purchasing process but in both cases this is especially true in a relatively recent era, that is, only in the most modern phase in the history of society and mankind. However, this has not always been the case, indeed the concept of repetitiveness, of standards we could say today, is at the basis of the first needs that fashion intended to satisfy, that is to communicate within society the uniformity of some social groups, of high rank. or prestige, through the standard of some aesthetic codes and the consequent discrepancy on the part of those who could not meet the required requirements; another primary need was of course to respond to technical-functional needs, optimizing them. Thus, before the modern advent of the variable phenomenon of the trend, fashion drew its legitimacy precisely from the repetitiveness, it is no coincidence that its original meaning, from the Latin modus, is precisely that of custom, manner, manner, norm, while currently it can be defined as that set of collective behaviors with changing criteria linked to custom having precise social functions. In reality, wanting to do a more in-depth and less superficial analysis, as written above, little has changed. Even today, despite the evident impact of creative and marketing research of originality and multiple differentiation, fashion continues to need its certainties, its repetitiveness, its clichés. Before discovering the reason for this statement, let’s find out what is expected of fashion today. Fashion is expected to always be new and original, to look beyond the border. Yet in its real sense it is declined in the clothes we wear without escaping from the clichés it continually feeds on. We are all always looking for a style to hang out in, a blazer to feel safe in or a pair of shoes that make us feel cool for a night out. Fashion loves to repeat itself over time, copying itself and re-proposing its patterns, taking refuge in the cliché. A word that, interpreted in this simple, albeit complex overall picture, ceases to be exclusively “something that is trivially repeated without originality” to become “something that in its repetition represents an indisputable and inexhaustible source of creativity and originality”. There are many clichés that fashion perennially makes and will refer to. One of these, for example, is that of summer and therefore of those collections designed exclusively to tell the story of summer holidays. Within the “macro container” summer the sea represents a fundamental cliché, not only for us Italians, and specifically the Mediterranean Sea is that “micro container” that has always fascinated, due to its stories and natural beauties. cool stylists and aspiring vacationers. The Mediterranean embodies the favorite destination of stylists for this Spring Summer 2023. Many communication projects that the brands have launched, letting themselves be captured by the typical inspirations of our territories following the Mediterranean cliché: in Capri the debut of Camille Miceli at Emilio Pucci, Castel del Monte is the backdrop to Gucci’s Cosmogonie fashion show, Lisbon becomes the destination of choice for Max Mara while Armani lets himself be captured by the energy that comes from the land of Pantelleria. So whether it’s on a sailing boat to the Faraglioni or around Pantelleria, the Mediterranean embodies that bewitching charm for which the cruise collections were born. Incredible selections for short or long weekends. A wardrobe that is rekindled and that leaves room for large bags and woven straw hats, low sandals and swimsuits and sarongs that float delicately in the wind while the sun’s rays make large and playful sunglasses shine. It’s time to think about summer and that Resort aesthetic that invades events, fashion shows and our outfits, allowing us the luxury of dreaming of the return of summer vibes. Follow the style of the Mediterranean cliché too, choose the best summer outfits on Michele Franzese Moda.