Spring 2022 is coming and the Jil Sander men’s collection has a lot to tell.

Personal style and self-affirmation

Despite the continuity of international scenarios that are certainly not bright, due to the overlap of the current war in Ukraine with the much hoped for reduction of the pandemic pressure, high fashion with dreams and the beauty that it brings with it is certainly an ideal place in which find messages of optimism. Jil Sander’s Spring/Summer 2022 men’s collection is a perfect example. The fundamental key points of this collection are in fact freedom, autonomy, lightness and clarity, concepts and feelings that today we can physically feel as very current. The German label has been led since 2017 by the creative couple of Lucie and Luke Meier who, faithful to their desire to make Jil Sander affirm themselves as the leader of minimalism in the world of menswear, have chosen a narrative entirely focused on the “here and now”. In fact, it could be said that this men’s collection is a true celebration of personal style, freedom and self-affirmation. “It concerns the person, rather than the uniform”, said the designer couple demonstrating a careful and sensitive look towards respect for multiculturalism, the internal processes of research of individuality, the appreciation of the different by presenting an original and tailored approach. to casual & ready to wear. The creativity centered on youth shines through in the presentation video shot in a retro hotel in Milan with the artistic consultancy of Heiko Keinath. Jil Sander’s boy-men under the eyes of a visual narrative between vintage and soft dreamlike parade between the stairs and the hotel room. Precise but decidedly relaxed silhouettes of the pastel-toned dresses alternate with leather shirts with matching ties and comfortable utility tracksuit trousers that together with the sweaters exhibit vintage graphics taken directly from the windows of local New York City delis. The urban attitude is at the center of the proposals of this collection and it can also be seen from the frequent use of flat brim caps in plain colors, “hairy” bandanas, necklaces and rings but there are also details that recall a refined luxury through precious brooches that accompany the elegant knitwear. Come and discover the man according to Jil Sander in the Michele Franzese Moda collection.