It debuted during the last Parisian high fashion and today with the fashion show for pret-à-porter at the Grand Palais it has turned into an object of desires for the coolest fashionistas who know the greatness of John Galliano and the extraordinary work he is doing as a creative director of Maison Margiela, brand in the OTB galaxy of Renzo Rosso, now smiling and very satisfied.

It is the Snatched, the new genderless bag by Maison Margiela, which also debuts in smaller formats. Taking the name from the term slang which indicates something beautiful to behold, the clutch closes on itself, is cut with asymmetrical corners and has a band through which to pass the hand to grasp it. It is available in white calf leather and red paint. Today she has paraded on the big arm of models and models, for a co-ed collection to look at and to be amazed by her strength and creative courage.

Galliano for Maison Margiela does not deny the hand of memory and the crossover of the times, between past and future, with a catwalk a bit “scandalous” at least for the conformist, with males dressed as sailors with beautiful blue cloth jackets but in boots with heels and veils under the military sachet, and women in impeccable Saharan or couture shorts with a lot of puff on the rococo seat, acting as auxiliaries on the battlefield, while Lili Marlene is intoned, and they parade with the veil of Red-Nurses and the combined veil. In the world of Galliano there is room for everything and for all provocations, you know, but the choice of the new genderless bag tells us how much the designer is in line with the times we live and with the bold freedom of many young people around the world.